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April 26, 2007


Little Green Guy – Florida Lizards

by Florida Vacation Rentals & Villas

Check out this little green guy, there are loads of different types of lizards running around Florida especially in the summer but they are not dangerous, just a bit stupid.

If you have any photos or comments about other lizards in florida please contact me via the blog.

Florida Lizard

Florida Lizard

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  1. cameron
    Dec 12 2008

    what kind of lizard is this?

    i just found this lizard in between the glass and screen of my window. I want to find out information about it, such as what it eats, its habitat, and other needs.

    please tell me the name of the lizard. thanks you so much and please respond ASAP!! thank you so muchh!! ;D

    • Jan 20 2010

      It is called a florida lizard they eat crickets mealworms you can go most pet stores and find cricket you might halfta go to petco for the mealworms

      • Jun 5 2011

        i just got one i live in new your i woold lioke to know if he needs a heetr rock i have meel worms for but i also had another qustion does he go in water? thanks

  2. dean
    Feb 10 2009

    its a green anoe mate reply back me email is if u need anymore info

  3. Kirk
    Feb 23 2009

    It’s a Green Anole, The Brown ones that look kinda like it but don’t change colors are cuban Anoles

  4. DVDxR
    Mar 1 2009


    It’s a Green Anole and they eat insects. They are found all over the south-east.

  5. Mar 10 2009

    it’s an anole. Cute little guys. They eat mosquitos and other small insects, prefer greenery and shade, and are native to the southeast of the US as far west as east Texas. They don’t make especially good pets as they are quite capable of biting the hand that feeds them.

  6. shawn
    Apr 5 2009

    This is an Anole. They sell them where I live as pets for kids. We have one and it eats crickets.

  7. Rich Iseli
    Jun 29 2009

    Anoles of any color are not only cute, they have no fear of humans and are sometimes comic and entertaining to watch.
    They are very beneficial to the environment, as they eat insects and bugs small and large.

  8. katherine
    Jul 16 2009

    how can u tell if its a boy or girl i just got one and dont know what to call it

  9. LeAnne
    Jul 27 2009

    My daughter bought a green anole at the beach and within its habitat it has brown mulch on the bottom of his container. At times, it likes to go underneath the mulch and stay there for hours and hours. Is that normal?

  10. Anonymous
    Sep 2 2009

    i just got little guy like that im from California Hb funny litle things

  11. Zoe
    Nov 8 2009

    This little green guy is very agressive they bite, and it actualy left a hole in my friends mouth because it bit her in the mouth!!!

  12. Jan 20 2010

    do they like plants

  13. Jan 20 2010

    Do the lizarsd like fake plants.

  14. Jan 20 2010

    I just got mine he is in a 20 gallon tank is that alright.i havnt bought him a companion he looks like he needs one he sleeps all day.

  15. Jan 20 2010

    I get 100$ on the 25th and im buying him everything he needs.

  16. Jan 21 2010

    You halfta get a spray bottle and spray them down or they will get to hot

  17. wade
    Aug 3 2011

    i just had one of the bastards bite me. lol it was funny.

  18. Josh.A
    Jan 8 2012

    I just got my green Anole and a Cuban Anole the other day and I have them in the same tank they are always together and I actually dont know if the one is a cuban Anole because the other night it was green after dinner it was brown and before i went to bed it was green again now ance I woke up it is brown again idk wat happened but I know I will take good care of the little things.


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