Celebration in Orlando Florida

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One of the nicest places to visit whilst in Orlando is Celebration it’s located just of the HWY192 and is well sign posted. To me Celebration is like stepping on to a film set with it’s white picket fences and mixture of Colonial houses and modern condos, it also has it’s own golf course which is awesome but I will cover that in another post.

Celebration has it’s own town centre located on Market Street which has lots of shops and restaurants from a 50’s style dinner to a sushi bar, it even has an old school ice cream parlour.

After a good meal relax by the lake in one of the rocking chairs and see if you can spot the ever present gators, but don’t feed them!!

From Thanks-giving until Christmas they have snow fall every night starting at 7pm which is great for the kids, (it’s not real snow).

On Sundays they have a local market where you can by home made cakes, art work, memobilia and much more, after the market why not take the natual walk which starts by the lake and goes off into the woods.

One thought on “Celebration in Orlando Florida

  1. I have to add that when visiting Celebration a must is the chocolate milkshake from the cafe on the corner, it will set you back $5, but it’s the best $5 you’ll spend, it’s enough to share. You could get this as a take out and flick through the local newspaper, showing the local real state (you don’t get a lot for $1m in Celebration!), whilst rocking back and forth in one of the aforementioned rockers by the lake. I can also recommend the coconut encrusted fish dish, and for those vegetarians amongst us the Veggie Burger here is also a must.

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