SeaWorld Orlando launch brand new ‘One Ocean’ Shamu show!

Exciting news – Sea World have officially replaced the ‘Believe’ Shamu killer whale show, running since 2006 with the premiere of ‘One Ocean’ today!!!

Taking over a year to develop, the show will feature an all-new design backdrop, spectacular water fountains and the orcas will continue to splash and soak the audience in good measure. The first show will start at 10am and run regularly throughout the day and hopefully for years to come.

Check out the behind the scenes ideas which led to the creation of the new format show, with its message to inspire SeaWorld guests to “celebrate, connect and care” for the ocean. Here’s a couple of videos of the trainers, producers and designers collaborating over the set design, special effects, costumes and the ultimate musical score to encompass a multi-sensory celebration of life under the sea with the killer whales.

Can’t wait to see it for myself and update you on the new show. In the meantime, if you’re lucky enough to be visiting SeaWorld Orlando soon please come back and give us your comments – we’d love to hear what you think.

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