Family Fun at Old Town, Kissimmee!

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As I went to the Car Masters at Downtown Disney recently and really enjoyed it, it made me think of all the great classic show cars at Old Town attraction in Kissimmee – a down-to-earth, 1950s nostalgic entertainment area which you could slot into your vacation in Orlando.  As well as shopping, dining and entertainment there’s car related events every week on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I enjoy the Saturday Night Cruise its one of the largest weekly car events in the world with over 300 classic cars all 1974 and older on display. There’s a Rock n Roll band on while the cars cruise throughout Old Town!

Check out more info on the main stage live concerts and car cruise shows – Weekly Events At Old Town

There’s a great speciality and unique gift shopping emporium with 75 shops and 8 restaurants to dine on Old Town’s traditional boardwalk style streets. The amusement thrill rides are fun too with the faves with the kids being the Go-Kart Track, Bumper Cars, 60 ft Century ferris wheel, roller coaster and ofcourse the Merry-Go-Round. For ride opening hours and ticket prices check out attractions and rides at Old Town.

Even better, Old Town is open 365 days a year, and has free parking and admission! Open from 10am till 11pm with bars open until 2am. On 192 Hwy by marker 9.

Also if you’re brave enough, or just want to watch in awe!!! – you should go see the world’s tallest Skycoaster ride next to Old Town – its a big white pole-like tower 300 ft high which can be seen from way off into the distance and is a real landmark in Orlando. I’ve watched (peeking out from my hands covering my eye) as my girlfriend and friends have been strapped up and lift the 300 feet hanging from the cables and dropped to swing through the air between the tower. Pretty exhilarating! As close an experience to flying as you can get apparently.. think I’ll stick with Virgin Atlantic myself…

Also check out my post on Fun Spot the action park – also next to Old Town, and lots of family entertainment of the same theme – speed, rides and fun!

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