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Free Wine Tasting Tours – Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards

If you’re looking for something a little different from a day at the theme parks and kids attractions, and you enjoy savouring a glass of wine (who doesn’t?) why not visit the Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards in Clermont to broaden your knowledge of the award-winning local ‘Lakeridge Reserve’ wine which is sold at the larger supermarkets and wine shops throughout Florida.

Complimentary tours and wine tasting are offered seven days a week for both individuals and groups — Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The wine-making process is pretty fascinating and at their vast 127 acreage site, Lakeridge have a really great way of engaging and educating guests on how they grow, harvest and process, and finally bottle the wines ready for distribution.

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Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios!

May the Force Be With You, it certainly is with Disney as it’s the annual comeback of the Star Wars Weekends celebrated by die-hard fans at Hollywood Studios starting May 20th 2011 for 4 consecutive weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sundays) upto 12th June 2011.

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Disney Fastpass and Universal Express Plus Pass – lose the queues!


If you’re heading out to either Disney or Universal theme parks and want to fit in the most ‘play’ time along with the least ‘stand in line’ time to really optimise your days in the parks, you’ll want to make use of the passes available. As they differ between the parks, I’ve got a run down here of how each works. In short, where regular lines can average an hour or more wait time per attraction, these passes will reduce that to a maximum of 10 minutes per attraction – making choosing attractions for the family much easier.

So with the Disney FastPass, good news its free for all park guests and you just buy a standard admission ticket.

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Florida Weather – What you can expect…

Here’s Florida’s monthly weather temperature guides for the year in Orlando and the Gulf Coast area where we have the majority of our 500 Florida villas for vacation rental, along with links to a 10 day forecast in various Florida regions, so you can check how the weather is for your holiday and plan for day trips further afield just before you travel.

Average Monthly Temperatures in Orlando

January High 72°F – Low 50°F / High 22°C – Low 10°C
February High 74°F – Low 51°F / High 23°C – Low 11°C
March High 72°F – Low 50°F / High 26°C – Low 13°C
April High 83°F – Low 60°F / High 28°C – Low 16°C
May High 88°F – Low 66°F / High 31°C – Low 19°C
June High 91°F – Low 71°F / High 33°C – Low 22°C
July High 92°F – Low 73°F / High 33°C – Low 23°C
August High 92°F – Low 73°F / High 33°C – Low 23°C
September High 90°F – Low 72°F / High 32°C – Low 22°C
October High 85°F – Low 65°F / High 29°C – Low 18°C
November High 79°F – Low 59°F / High 26°C – Low 15°C
December High 73°F – Low 53°F / High 23°C – Low 12°C

Average Monthly Temperatures in Fort Myers

January High 75°F – Low 54°F / High 24°C – Low 12°C
February High 77°F – Low 55°F / High 25°C – Low 13°C
March High 80°F – Low 59°F / High 27°C – Low 15°C
April High 85°F – Low 63°F / High 29°C – Low 17°C
May High 89°F – Low 68°F / High 32°C – Low 20°C
June High 91°F – Low 73°F / High 33°C – Low 23°C
July High 92°F – Low 74°F / High 33°C – Low 23°C
August High 92°F – Low 74°F / High 33°C – Low 23°C
September High 90°F – Low 74°F / High 32°C – Low 23°C
October High 86°F – Low 69°F / High 30°C – Low 21°C
November High 81°F – Low 62°F / High 27°C – Low 17°C
December High 77°F – Low 56°F / High 25°C – Low 13°C

10-Day Regional Forecasts

St Petersberg
Fort Myers
Daytona Beach
West Palm Beach
Fort Lauderdale
Key Largo 

Royal Wedding Celebrations in Orlando

Royal Wedding Celebrations in Orlando

For folks across the pond looking to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Wills and his Queen-to-be Kate on Friday 29th April, I’ve found  a couple of events hosting the regal celebrations for you! Not a big royal fan? Still, you can’t beat a good wedding party!

In traditional English style, the popular Cricketers Arms Pub located at Festival Bay mall on International Drive are having tv screens dedicated to the wedding and a ‘Royal Wedding Palooza’ (if you’re like me and haven’t heard of palooza, for the benefit of you and I, I looked it up and it basically means ‘all-out, large scale party extravaganza’ – so it does sound like it promises a lot of fun). For more info, call Cricketers on 407-354-0686.

Disney’s Wedding Pavillion, overlooking Magic Kingdom across the lagoon, are hosting an event: beginning at 4am – with the Royal Wedding ceremony commencing at 6am Orlando time, and ending at 8am.  An English themed wedding breakfast will be available to guests.  For those keen to enjoy the royal celebrations in an authentic chapel-like building, you won’t mind the eye-watering early start – and guests are encouraged to dress for the occasion – question is: will you go dressed up, wedding-style? or…in your pyjamas!


There’ll be great photo opportunities with the fairytale Cinderella Coach majestically led by six white ponies and coachmen at the Pavillion.  Incidentally, the coach was created by the same coach makers who have historically designed for the British Monarchy.

Entrance and parking to the event is free. The Wedding Pavillion is situated in the Seven Seas between the Grand Floridian and Polynesian Resorts.