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Renting a Hummer (H2) in Orlando Florida

I rented a Hummer for day last year, it was great fun and well worth it apart from when I came to fill it up with petrol!! The funny thing is that when you are driving the car and put your front is goes to about 1mpg which is scary.

HummerHummer at Night

It’s about $250 per day here is a link to the company I used – http://www.luxrentals.com/ they also have a number of other luxury cars to rent like a Corvette, Navigator and an awesome car called a Prowler.

Florida Vacation Rentals from VR360

VR360homes.co.uk - Florida Villas to Rent

VR360floridavillas.co.uk - Orlando Villas to Rent

Welcome to our Florida vacation rentals blog where we have loads of information about things to do in Florida, renting a villa in Florida, restaurants, theme parks, golf course in Orlando plus lots more useful stuff, so whether you live in Florida or are planning on visiting we should have something for everyone.

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